The NPC deputies and** political advisors **will discuss state
policies essential to the development goals
set by the central
government, as well as Xi Jinping’s thoughts on governance. Xi’s role
as the core of the CPC Central Committee is expected to be stressed at
the sessions

Authorities believe that moral and ethical education should run through
the reform and opening up and influence ordinary people’s lives, with
the core socialist values of harmony, integrity and fairness being

Thanks to the reform, China’s economic structure has been improved with
new momentum
. The country will comprehensively deepen supply-side
structural reform and make it a key task in agriculture in 2017.
China aims for tangible progress in key reform tasks such as
cutting overcapacity.

Z|Zone 自贸区

The International Strategy of Cooperation on Cyberspace
Formulating rule-based order in cyberspace

It is widely expected that more tangible achievements will be made in
the “Belt and Road” networks. At their local legislative sessions, 31
Chinese provinces, cities and autonomous regions said they would
actively participate in or support the building of the Silk Road
Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road。

要加大努力,鼓励分享经合社(enterprises that deal in the sharing
economy)与地方税收类别的对接(dock with local tax
authorities),增加速度促进线上线下税收管理政策一体化(speed up the
integration of
online and offline tax management policies)。

China became a net foreign investor for the first time in 2014. However,
foreign capital still plays a vital role in the Chinese economy,
especially in improving the quality and efficiency of growth and in
driving innovation. In 2015, China will further open up its service
sector, guided by experience distilled from the Shanghai Free Trade

The Supreme People’s Court on Tuesday published a document on
improving the mechanism to protect judges and their associates in
fulfilling their legal duties. It stipulates that when handling
cases, judges should not be subject to interference from other
government organs, social organizations or individuals.


  • 使出浑身解数 try all means / spare no efforts
  • 独家讯息 exclusive news
  • 上头条 make headlines
  • 舆论 public opinion

  V|Values 价值观

  • 全国”两会”是1个约定俗成的简称,正式的完备是”全国人民代表大会(the
    National People’s Congress, NPC)”和”中中原人民共和国布衣中国人民政治协商会议会议(the Chinese
    People’s Political Consultative Conference, CPPCC)”。
  • 提案 proposal ; 议案 motion ; 审议 deliberate ; 决议 resolution

J|Jobs 就业&创业

As the world’s second-largest economy, China’s GDP growth rate is always
highlighted during the two sessions. The country reported
6.7-percent GDP growth in 2016, the lowest level in nearly three
decades, but likely to top all other major economies.

“New normal” is a buzz word in 2014 and it will be the first appearance
of the word at the two sessions since it became a guideline for Chinese
leaders in economic policy-making。

The Belt and Road Initiative, put forward by Chinese President Xi
Jinping in 2013
, has won the active participation of people across
China and dozens of countries and regions. China plans to host a Belt
and Road forum for international cooperation this year to
brainstorm about interconnected development.


  • 新动力 new driving force
  • 闲置资源 spare resource
  • 征信制度 credit investigation system


The 19th CPC National Congress to be held late this year will elect
new Party leadership and draw a blueprint for the future socialist
construction cause
, and is vital to realizing the goal of building a
moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020. The two
sessions will be eyed as a platform for preparation for the congress.

China’s fiscal and monetary policies in 2015 under the circumstances of
slowed economic growth are the key focus of the two sessions。

A slower but stable performance with good momentum for growth
Progress has been achieved and stability ensured
A stable performance while at the same time securing progress
Stable and improved economy
Steady and fast development

F|”Four Comprehensives” “八个圆满”

The Fifth Session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese
People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)
opened at 3 pm
Friday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

“We will resolutely declare war against pollution as we declared war
against poverty,” said Premier Li Keqiang at the parliamentary sessions
last year. A poll has showed that pollution control and environmental
protection remains one of the biggest areas of public concern ahead of
the two sessions。

Supply-side structural reform


China will expand its trials of crop rotation and fallow systems
this year as part of efforts to facilitate the green development of

China will not pursue statistical growth single-mindedly, but try to
strike a balance where industrial transformation and upgrading and a
rational growth rate can all be achieved. The country is embarking on a
development path characterized by efficiency, quality, sustainability
and steadiness。

Ministers’ passage in the Great Hall of People is the main place for
journalists to conduct interviews with leading officials during the
annual two sessions. The ministers’ passage for this year’s national
two sessions officially opened on Friday afternoon.

Although China has eased market access in many industries and started
SOE reforms in a bid to mobilize private investment and break
monopolies, there is still a lot to do to achieve fair competition.
Experts believe the private sector will reap more fruit this year。

Fulfill the 13th Five-year Plan in time


China is striving for full implementation of its 13th Five-Year Plan
(2016-2020), a fundamental guide to ensuring China becomes a well-off
, after 新葡京娱乐城,achieving a good start last year. The strategic plan
outlines policy framework and priorities, with emphasis on
innovation strategy, poverty reduction, and environmental protection.

K|Key Policies 关键政策

The 19th National Congress of the CPC

  H|Hong Kong 香港

The CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core

The schedule of the Chinese President Xi Jinping will be closely
watched. International and domestic media are wondering what he will say
when discussing state affairs with national lawmakers and political

中华空间站主旨舱 core module of the space station
探月工程三期 the third stage of lunar exploration program
载人空间站 manned space station
第3遍火星探测义务 the first probe to 马尔斯


Growth target

W|World 世界

China plans to impose appropriate taxes to regulate the sharing economy
sector, the National Development and Reform Commission said in a
draft proposal.

E|Engines 经济引擎

Lu Kehua, vice-minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said
that the introduction of real estate tax was a reform task set
during the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the
Communist Party of China
, and he said that legislation for real estate
tax is now being prepared by** the departments concerned.


the Fifth Session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee

Q|Quality 质量

  • 已酝酿了十余年 be on the cards for more than 十 years
  • 试行不动产统1登记制度 implement unified real estate registration
  • 为…奠定基础 pave the way for…
  • 房产投机 house speculation
  • 第三遍置业必要 demands from first-home buyers

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous
Region. The Chinese central government’s policies on governing Tibet
will attract attention from reporters home and abroad。

Belt and Road Initiative

X|Xi Jinping 习近平

脱欧白皮书 Brexit 惠特e Paper
禁穆令 Muslim ban
共享小车 car-sharing
共享单车 bicycle-sharing
依法履职 fulfill legal duties


  O|Opening up 开放

  D|Democracy 中国式民主


Xi Jinping is scheduled to pay a State visit to the United States in
September. Last year, China and the United States reached consensus in
aspects including visa arrangements, trade and military trust. The two
sides also released the landmark China-U.S. Joint Announcement on
Climate Change. Reporters will try to get some hints on how China and
the United States will rise above their differences。


M|Military 国防军事

I|Innovation 创新


B|Breakup of Monopolies 破除操纵

C|Check of Power 精简政坛机构下放权限

Y|Year 承前启后之年