当葡萄牙共和国(República Portuguesa)语菌第二回据说杰克ie Chan版《小编的洗发液》的时候,印度语印尼语君是不容的,因为拉脱维亚语菌走高冷路径的时候不想听这种洗脑歌,太俗!……可是克罗地亚语菌第一次loop了这几个摄像之后,完全被duang~成功洗脑了!和神曲《小编的滑马丁靴》神同步之后,朗朗上口到根本停不下来!!

The move for Spielberg to film in black and white have raised a lot of
question of whether it had the same or better impact if it had film in
colors. I would like to give my own review on it too.
新葡京娱乐城,First of all, the movie itself did not apply any special effects.
Looking at the whole production is in black and white making, I think
the purpose of it is to give audience a sense of reality while bringing
audience back to the classic era of society. The opening scene of the
smoke somehow has a double impact on the emotions of hope and despair.
One of the scenes whereby Schindler lay on the bed saying: “it could not
be better” followed by the shoot through the broken room on Jew saying
“it could be worse. How on earth could it possibly be worse? With the
black and white effect enhancing the dilemma and fear of Jew regards to
moving on with life. This effect of using black and white making also
apply well on one part where a broken arm old man was being caught and
hurt by the soldiers, showing the bleeding heavily at the back of his
head as serious as if an open tap with unstoppable flowing of water,
this give audience a significant visual impact.
When the soldier brought the doctor over during the night, using
listening devise to roof whereby the devise is suppose to bring hope and
save lives but in this case, it’s used for detecting whether is there
still any lives to kill.
   Where blood appears to be more impactful in black and white
production, the scene of lady workers dripped their blood onto the
handkerchief gave audience a certain extend of emotional effect.
 As the little boy escaped and hide into a dirtiness area where other
four to five children were all hiding in the same place. Although they
were all covered with dirt glazing into the open sky, this moment
audience could actually realized that dirtiness indeed not just simply
dirtiness itself but saved quite a number of children. This brings about
the feeling of moment of truth to the audience.
Another effect of the making in black and white film is such that on the
scene where the ashes of dead were being blown all over the place just
as if I thought it was snow falling all over the place. This again,
gives audience a very upset feeling and created a very emotional moment
where the dead were so much so that the ashes were being blown all
There are lots other scene that matched very well with the making of
black and white scenes. I believe Spielberg chosen this method of
shooting is because as what I thought, with just two colours in the
film, this will further enhance audience visual and mental stimulation.
Thus, creates an effective impact onto the audience.
With a twist of adding colours to the finale where a group of Jew
walking over from a distant towards Schindler tomb, by then, those who
still survive were old and some already left them. The scene where a
stock of red rose was offered, I felt that the colour imply of certain
meaning as all unhappiness was over and they start a new live
altogether. No more of all the scary and dilemma days and they can start
a fresh from now on. My view for that red rose has another way of
perspective to the finale, I would take it as a form of love to
Schindler from the Jew and their hopes for life.
And there is a red dress girl who appeared in the movie twice. First
time Schindler saw the little girl walking on the chaos street like a
stranger, the German army seems not able to see her, no one bothers
about her. When Schindler saw her, the red and shining dress that she is
wearing gave him some hope. But eventually the girl died in the end.
Schindler saw her again in the burning factory and she is still wearing
the red dress. The small little corpse is queuing up to be burnt.
Schindler feels extremely grief and sad. A destroyed hope has gives his
heart a heavy blow. And these two paragraphs are goes through
black-and-white narrative of the circumstances, it made clear
That’s why I believe if color is used to describe the whole incident,
there is nothing better than using black and white as the description.
Because the sharp contrast between black and white is more suitable for
describing this movie since both colours give people a very deep
feeling. Other colours give people a cheerful and certain feeling which
cannot what the director of the movie wants to express to the audience.
Therefore, I think the effect of black and white can even give people a
feel of impact.


英文例句:You say “special effect”, in Chinese, we say “DUANG~”。


英文例句:“DUANG~”, thousands of netizens repost my Weibo in a short
period of time……but no one could lookthis wordup in the dictionary,
because I’ve found it at Bilibili。



英文例句:The sound of Mr. Skinny fell: pia!The sound of Mr. Fat fell: